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Stand Up Comedy Writing & Performance Group Classes

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Comedy Classes

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All comedy classes run 7 weeks.  Six weeks of instruction followed by a graduation show in front of a live audience.

Two Classes Per Session:

6:00 - 7:30 pm & 7:30 - 9 pm

(Based on Demand)

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All comedy classes run 7 weeks. Six weeks of instruction followed by a graduation show in front of a live audience.

Monday Nights:

7:00pm – 8:30pm

(Based on Demand)

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Chip has taught over 500 people how to do Stand Up Comedy. Everyone’s got something funny to offer! No experience or audition necessary. Hit the stage and step into the spotlight with skill, confidence and experience. You'll actually perform on stage!

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Stand Up Comedy Private & Group Coaching Classes

Students Rave Reviews

The comedy classes with Chip Ambrogio gave me the confidence and structure 
that I needed to perform stand up. 

The class set up a clear path to almost immediately start doing shows and
getting paid gigs. 


We had so much fun while learning the craft of stand up

Chip knows his stuff - and his students potential - follow his lead - and you will succeed!


Chip gave me the space, leadership, and guidance to tap into the true comedian I knew I always was. 


“Chip’s a funny guy, but there are a lot of funny guys out there. What makes his class so special
is his ability to teach, and to help others become funnier. He’s also very generous with his time,
and goes out of his way to help students by reviewing material and providing feedback. I’ve
taken 2 classes from Chip and may sign-up for a third!!” 


Working with Chip, and getting his support and industry knowledge, enabled me to really enjoy
doing what I love.  If you’ve wanted to try, but don’t know how to start, this is how. 


Loved the class so much I took it a second time. 


Chip is a great mentor and helped me get over my fear of speaking in public.  Whether you plan on
continuing  in comedy or just gaining confidence to speak in public, take this class.  


It taught me how to put a set together, how to work on tightening up my routines and was the
beginning of my comedy network. I recommend it to anyone who has any interest in pursuing


I have had the pleasure of taking both the Stand-up Comedy and Advanced Comedy classes
with Chip at the Comedy Cove. I have learned an awful lot about Comedy and a bit about
myself as well.


Chip is not only a great teacher but a great person as well. He provided guidance throughout
the classes and always made himself available for questions or support.


If you take his course you are certain to receive more than your moneys worth from a person
that takes his comedy seriously.


Chip taught me how to inject humor into my ransom notes’
‘Take his class - please’

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