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A Few "Just For Fun" Reviews Written by Chip


Part Time Mortician

"When I watch him on stage, I think Carlin, Pryor, Kinison...yeah, there's this overpowering stench of death!" 

- Industry insider and part time mortician


Paul Giamatti? 

 "He's the poor man's Paul Giamatti!"  

- Paul Giamatti's Accountant


Never Gives Up 

"His is a story of never giving up, pushing ahead, despite a lack of talent or God-given ability towards what we all anticipate will be a tragic end. I told him to stop it!"

- Chip's Mom


A Smart Ass? 

 A fat, lazy, directionless smart ass!"

- Willie Cando, Life Coach, Cando Industries


So Much More! 

"He could of done so much more with his life! I set him up with a job in the DPW and he threw it back in my face!" 

- Sister Marjorie Fish, High School Guidance Counsellor

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